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Linda Gross, LAc
  About Linda  

Linda GrossLinda Gross is a Licensed Practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine and a Reiki Master. She specializes in restoring health and balance to her patients through the use of Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicines, Chinese Nutrition, Massage, and Reiki.

Linda attended Yo San University's Master's Degree program graduating summa cum laude. The program included the study of Traditional Chinese Medicine as well as extensive training in Western Medicine including pharmacology, pathophysiology, anatomy and physiology, and psychology. Currently Linda continues to learn about new techniques, medical findings, and technologies that help her to continue to give the best possible treatment to her patients.

Linda brings to her practice the gifts of medical intuitiveness, compassion, and the understanding that each person is unique and that the treatment must be formulated to reflect this individuality.




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